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Certificate in
Workplace Bullying Awareness

Distance Learning Course Details

If you are a qualified therapist or health professional this course will lead to the
Certificate of Professional Development in
                                  Workplace Bullying Awareness
- P.D. Cert. (WBA)


Special offer for limited time to individual students - only 99 including textbook (UK)

or 109 incl.textbook (overseas)

   College accreditation: International Association for Distance Learning.
   Course approved by Guild for Stress Management and Trauma Specialists
   for professional development purposes.  

Reliable information on identification of, prevention of and challenging bullying in the workplace and how bullying can be a cause of post-traumatic stress.


Total recommended period of study: approx. 3 months or less. Continuous enrolment. No time limit.

Cost: 175.00  (175 Pounds Sterling - for currency conversion see www.xe.com ) for corporate delegates.  Special offer 99 / 109 for students paying individually.

(A FREE textbook will be sent to UK students. Non-UK students will normally have to purchase the book on-line from an internet bookstore or in certain cases we can quote for supplying a copy)

Method of study: 

Textbook study. Written assignments based on the set textbook. Assignment questions are issued by email and students return their written work by email. Grades and feedback are issued by email.

Course description:

Learn important information about helping people who are being bullied at their places of work

Bullying is an endemic workplace problem in certain professions including teaching and nursing. It also occurs widely in business and the public service.

Blame is often wrongly placed on the bullied individual instead of the organisation or the management structure.

Recession or threat of recession increases the prevalence of bullying.

If not identified and dealt with, the consequences can include post-traumatic stress disorder.

The course includes:

Taboos about and denial of bullying
Bullying in education

How bullying works and why the bullies thrive

How to identify a bully

How bullies maintain their grip on their victims

How to identify bullying tactics

The psychology of the victim

The PTSD-like symptoms of bullying

The economic cost of bullying

What causes bullying? 

Resource sections on what to do if you are being bullied, including legal and moral issues

An argument for why employers need to adopt an anti-bullying policy


Entry Criteria: Open entry.


This course will be of interest to employees, human resource managers, other managers, counsellors, therapists, helping professionals, relatives, advice workers, legal workers, trades union staff and representatives, etc.

Therapists need this course because bullying is one of the main causes of stress and burnout.


Successful graduates will receive the Certificate in Workplace Bullying Awareness. If you are a qualified therapist or health professional this course will lead to the Certificate of Professional Development in Workplace Bullying Awareness - P.D. Cert. (W.B.A.)  These are awarded by UK College of Holistic Training and are private UK qualifications.

This course is NOT in itself a qualification in counselling or psychotherapy, though it may be used in conjunction with such qualifications to signify additional specialist learning. 

The college is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.

The course is approved by Guild for Stress Management and Trauma Specialists as a professional development course (see societies page for explanation).

This course is accepted by Calamus International University (a non-UK, private distance university with private accreditation) for credit towards a degree.

Please see our FAQs page for general information.

We reserve the right to change the syllabus and other details of any course at any time.

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