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Dowse for Intuitive Information

dowsing course

At last! You can finally learn ALL the ways of dowsing in an easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable ebook course. Complete with videos, audio instruction and masses of information arranged in an easy to understand format, you can access your natural intuitive skill quickly and easily. Runs on all computers and makes learning this ancient art a joy! Compiled by two expert dowsers and intuitives with a combined experience of over 30 years, this is the way all ebook learning should be! 

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Deal with Negative Energies

be a ghostbuster                                                                      home space clearing course


Did you know that students perform badly if they are sitting over a line of negative energy in the earth?  Or that your plants and animals are telling you where is safe for you to live?  Or that the Romans, the Chinese, and the Vikings all knew about this problem? Nostradamus wrote about it. A German doctor has proven it and now you can learn about how the Earth is affecting you right now!

Many people believe in ghosts but few know what they can do about them. Fewer still know that there are plenty of other things which can make your life uncomfortable. You can be one of the few! This comprehensive ebook provides you with the full details of ALL the ways in which the unseen world can have a DIRECT EFFECT on you and your life. Then it tells you what you can do about it.

This is the first of its kind: a course which provides you with all the knowledge and tools you will need to bring harmony into your environment again.

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Communicate with Animals

the cat whisperer                                                                      learn how to talk to animals


Many of us have pets and most of us would like to have a better relationship with the, or at least learn a better way of looking after them. Take the guesswork out of looking after your animal companion. Learn simple and easy methods of relating to him or her which will take your relationship to the next level!!

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you can dowse with your eyes shut


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