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Complementary therapies, self-help,
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New Age and spiritual fields. 
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How to Apply for our Courses

Application for most courses is simple.  Just complete and email us the application form which you can get via the links below.  You don't need to send anything else with the form. Don't send any money yet. We will check it, and if we accept the application, we will contact you to confirm the fees. Then when we receive the payment you can start your studies.





Application form links

Application form in DOC format

Application form on web page for you to print out


Sending us your application form


You can send us the form using any of the following methods:

  • As an email attachment to ukcht@tiscali.co.uk

  • By fax to UK   020 7748 3126 or International  +44 20 7748 3126
    (please mark fax messages "For attention of UKCHT")

  • By post to:  

UK College of Holistic Training
27 Old Gloucester Street
United Kingdom


Remember - email is quicker!

Paying your fees




If you wish to pay on-line by PayPal (by credit card or direct from your bank), we will send you a PayPal invoice by email when we receive your application.  See www.paypal.co.uk or www.paypal.com for details of how to open a FREE PayPal account.  You don't need a PayPal account to send us smaller amounts if we invoice you on-line.




This payment method is no longer available.




If you are sending us a cheque, send it (payable to KADMON) by post with your application form.
(NB - Our bank account is still in our old name so we need cheques payable to "Kadmon")




You can pay cash into a branch of our bank (in UK only - including Channel Islands). We will give you the bank details. Do not send cash by post. Do not go to our London address to pay in person, as cash will not be accepted there.


BACS (in UK) , WIRE TRANSFER or IBAN/BIC TRANSFER (most countries) 


If you would like to make a bank transfer please ask us for our bank details.  We may need to charge extra for bank costs if you send us money in currencies other than Pounds Sterling or US Dollars or if you are in certain countries.




If you have difficulty sending us money from your country, ask us for advice.



Important Update re Payment Plans - April 2013


UK College of Holistic Training is a small private educational business and like many other businesses in recent years, we have been challenged by the economic situation and this has led us to make some necessary changes.


The changes we are making are twofold:  (a) reducing our administration costs and overheads wherever possible and  (b) introducing and developing new courses.


One if the biggest drains on our resources has been the operation of payment plans, which led to extra time spent answering queries, negotiating, chasing payments, and extra accounting time. All this extra work with reduced and uncertain cash flow is now unsustainable and has prevented us from concentrating on course development as much as we would wish.


We have therefore decided not to offer payment plans of any kind for new enrolments, with immediate effect - this applies both to new and existing students. Already, most of our students have been paying in full, and those who have not have had a disproportionate effect on our workflow and often created more work than several full-paying students combined. 


Of course we know that some of our competitors offer payment plans - but they tend to be high-volume operators that operate on very low profit margins, and they spend huge amounts on advertising.  The textbook-based model which have used for most of our own courses has a dedicated following with many students returning for further courses.


It is still possible for most people to spread payments for a course, by paying us via PayPal and using a credit card. Alternatively, wait until you can afford the fee and then apply. We realise that this new policy might make some students go elsewhere, but we believe we will make up for any shortfall by continuing to offer innovative courses not easily available by distance learning, as well as more popular subjects.


We know that some people who would like to do our courses are on low incomes and are struggling. However, we do not receive any financial aid or funding and we have stayed away from government funding schemes in order to remain fully in control of the way we do business and the courses we offer, without being strangled by red tape.


We are offering a service for which we need to be paid promptly in order to remain in business ourselves as we have done for almost 20 years. That is a simple reality. We need to cut out unnecessary work and payment delays in order to thrive.  We hope that serious applicants will respect our stance, and we look forward to welcoming many of you to various exciting new courses over the coming years. 






Our new URL is www.ukcht.uk  (Note: this is a "dot UK" not a "dot co.uk" address)
(Our courses are by distance learning/ home study only - we have no classes in London.  All enrolments must be made by email, post, or fax)
Email us using this link
 Tel.   020 7060 2283  International +44 207 060 2283  Fax +44 (0) 20 7748 3126 (please mark messages "For attention of UKCHT")